Why there are accounts with no signup interactions?

We  attribute signup interactions to a new created account only if these interactions took place just before the account was created. If the signup interactions took place long before creating the account, we don’t attribute them to the account.

Still, there are a few other scenarios that might explain the lack of the signup interactions:

  • Multiple accounts were created from the same browser. Only the first account gets the signup actions attributed. The test accounts are also included in this scenario (multiple test accounts created by the same person)
  • Not all the signup actions are tracked by InnerTrends (see the Business Concept Definitions in order to see all the signup actions that are tracked)
  • There might be other ways for users to create an account except those tracked by InnerTrends (like another platform, a 3rd party website/tool, a plugin, mobile app)
  • Someone else created the account for one or more users. This usually happens for companies where the sales team creates new accounts for their users.
  • The created account timestamp is sent by your platform in a wrong format.
  • There was a tracking issue and we were not able to track the singup actions of these users.

Please contact our support if you find something unusual and need to investigate more on this topic.

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