Drill down - Find the users behind any number

Within InnerTrends you can find who the users are behind every number we report. (exception: anonymous data). To do that, you just need to click on the number and drill down, as shown in the images below:

By following the “view answer” link, you'll receive the list of users/accounts that are behind that number.

Ways to use the drill-down lists

Drill-down lists are the perfect environment to validate insights. If any data is wrong, this is where you will discover it - by checking each user. 

Use the drill-down list of users in order to:

  1. See the profile of each user (or account) with all of the details that we have about them. Do this by clicking on each account name.
  2. Export the list in a .csv file format in order to explore further analysis or import within any other tool/services.
  3. Create a behaviour-based segment in order to apply it in any other report within InnerTrends. 
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