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Connect InneTrends to your account to enrich your triggered campaigns. Here are some of the most popular scenarios of data enrichment that you can set through InnerTrends:

  • customer engagement level changes
  • customer lifecycle journey events
  • customer profiling properties
  • events for reaching goals or milestones

Once the integration is activated, you will be able to enable new triggered campaigns and optimize the existing ones to personalise even further the experience of your customers. To activate the integration follow these steps:

1. Retrieve the Site ID and the API key from your account

To get them, log into your account and go to Integrations > API.

2. Connect InnerTrends to

Go to the integration page inside your InnerTrends account and connect using the Site ID and API key from the previous step.

3. Activate the sync jobs you are interested in

Below is an example of activating the sync of customer engagement level changes between InnerTrends and

4. Start using the new data in triggered campaigns

As data gets pushed from InnerTrends to, you can start using it in triggered campaigns. A popular setup is to create a segment of users that went from low engagement to high engagement and define a triggered campaign that asks them to post a review of your product. Here is how the setup for the segment would look like in your account.

By connecting InnerTrends to your account, you will have access to more attributes and events that can be used to set up new and better triggered campaigns. InnerTrends will also report on the performance of your campaigns so you can optimise them continuously.

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