What is the conversion of my signup process?

What is the signup process?

After visitors have performed one or more visits to your website, you want them to take the decision to create an account in your app.

The sequence of actions that  visitors perform in order to create their account represents the signup process. 

Whether it’s a simple form or a sequence of steps, the signup process is a key element in bringing new accounts; this is why you need to pay special attention to it in order to analyse and optimise it. That’s why we created a ready-to-use report in InnerTrends named What is the conversion of my signup process?

All the actions of your signup process that are tracked by InnerTrends can be found in the “signup process” section of your Customer Journey Metrics. These actions have the label “signup” in the tracking code.

When do we consider a visit has converted by creating an account? 

A visitor performs one or more signup action(s). If the visitor creates an account in a maximum of one day from the last signup action he performed, then these signup actions are considered to be those that led to the conversion (creating the account). If more than one day elapses, and the visitor starts the signup process over, then the actions from the first visit are not counted as the signup actions that led to the conversion; only the second set of actions are considered as those leading to the conversion.

The contribution of each signup action to bringing created accounts 

How many visitors that performed a certain signup action manage to convert into created accounts? As you might expect, you can find actions that contribute in a larger extent and actions that contribute in a lesser extent to the conversion.

In the example above, the average conversion of the visitors who began the signup process into created accounts is 5%. However, the visitors who performed the action  “Join now > Signup with Facebook” converted in a much larger percentage: 64%. Though the total number of visitors who perform this action is pretty small: only 6.7% (4338 out of 64738 visitors). We can improve the situation by encouraging visitors to perform this action. 

What should you do next?

A visitor performs a combination of signup actions (not only one) before creating an account. To see to what extent the various combinations of signup actions convert, you can use the following ready-to-use report: What are the paths that visitors go through during the signup process?

Should you encourage people to sign up right away, or is a considered signup better? How do you know which is more suitable for your business? Read more about the Fast Signup vs. Considered Signup on our blog. 

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