What are the paths that visitors go through during the sign-up process?

What is the sign-up process?

After visitors have performed one or more visits to your website, you want them to take the decision to create an account in your app.

The set of actions that  visitors perform in order to create their account represents the sign-up process

When we ask ourselves which is the sequence of actions that visitors perform in order to create an account, we most often expect that there are very few options. In reality the visitors’ behaviour is very diverse, and so the sequence of actions they perform during the sign-up process is unexpectedly varied. 

That’s why we created this ready-to-use report where you can easily analyse the paths visitors take before creating an account. The report is entitled: What are the paths that visitors go through during the sign-up process?

How to use this report?

In this report we introduced a filtre section where you can see the performance of the various combinations of signup actions. In other words, you can see how visitors are converting by performing a set of actions as opposed to another. Also, the number of visitors who went through that path will show you how popular (or used) that path is, and you can easily compare it with your expectations.

A very efficient way to see the influence of an action during the sign-up process is to create 2 filtres: one for the paths that include the desired action, and one for the paths where you exclude this action. See the example below:  

This way we can see that there are less visitors who initiated the sign-up and interacted with the FAQ section (2450 visitors), but they converted much better (18% compared with 5%).

Right below the filtre section there is a table with all the combinations of paths that visitors actually went through during the selected period. Far more than you expected, right? :)

What should you do next?

Depending on your expectations, you can identify those scenarios or paths that you hoped would convert better. You can make a series of improvements to the sign-up process and then see if the conversion rate for those paths has increased or not. 

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