Anonymizing account data

InnerTrends uses multiple layers of encryption for the personal identifiable information (PII) of the tracked users, such as email addresses, ids or phone numbers. 

The last encryption layer is asynchronous and it uses hashing, a private and a public key. In case the private key is deleted, there is no way for InnerTrends to decrypt the PII data.

For GDPR or any other legisltation purposes, InnerTrends offers an API that can be used to delete the private key of the encryption, disabling the ability to decrypt the information that could be used to pinpoing an individual user. The activity of that user is kept for aggregation and statistical analysis but it can't be linked to the person or goup of people who did that activity.

Use the following REST call in order to delete data encryption keys for individual users or accounts:

 curl \
-H 'Accept: application/json' \

Make sure to replace EMAILTOBEDELETED with the email address or any other identifiable element that you want to anonymize inside InnerTrends.

Contact support or your account manager to recive the dedicated API key for this method.

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