Is your customer lifecycle email provider? Identify the impact of your emails on different stages of the user life cycle: activation, retention and revenue.

Once the integration is activated, the following answers will be enabled in your account:

  • How are emails influencing users to reach a specific goal?
  • How are emails influencing users to finish the onboarding process?

If you have already integrated a payment processing provider or if you are sending payment events to InnerTrends, the following answer will also be enabled on the Innertrends platform:

  • How are emails influencing users to upgrade to paid plans?

Integration type: Server Side

The data about the email interactions is sent server side, in real time, from to InnerTrends the moment an email interaction is recorded (e.g received email, opened email)

Integration Method: Webhook

InnerTrends webhook endpoint:

Make sure to change ‘YOUR_INNERTRENDS_TOKEN’ to your project token. You can find your account token inside your InnerTrends account settings section.

Integration Details

After you login to your account, navigate to: Integrations > Email Activity Webhook and fill in the form as shown in the image below using the above endpoint URL.

Collected data

InnerTrends stores the campaign name (and not the subject line) for each sent and opened email.

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