Data accuracy and precision are critical for analysis of user behavior over longer periods of time. This is why InnerTrends tracking technology does not use cookies to identify unique users and relies on having this information provided by the app it tracks.

The identity of logged in users should be made available to InnerTrends through JavaScript global variables. If this method is not available, InnerTrends is also able to read the identity of the users from cookies, local storage or directly from the page source.

Another critical information for data accuracy is the date and time when a logged in user created his account. We require this data to be formatted as Unix timestamp (UTC timezone).

If this information is already available in your app make sure to share this information with your dedicated InnerTrends analyst so he can map it to your tracking code.

Data requirements

If the user identity and the signup date are not available in your app in a way that can be accessed through JavaScript, please add the following code above your InnerTrends tracking code:

<script type="text/javascript">
var dataLayer=dataLayer||[];
//Fill in the email address of the logged in user:
//Provide signup date as a Unix timestamp:

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